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The Inference of Hypothesis Testing

Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST) was the gold standard of inference throughout the 20th century. Understanding its logic, applicability and weaknesses therefore, remains a core competency for a modern researcher.

As modern methodologies typically make more powerful inferences from leveraging larger data volumes and computes, it is important to more efficiently understand the rigour of any NHST applications whenever it is still encountered.

Hypothesizen is a new interface for making AI-assisted inferences that can be to rapidly inculcate and assess NHST applications.

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Statistical Inference with Hypothesizen


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Learn 100 years of NHST usage in 10 days.  

This seems like a tall order until one realises that every NHST test actually embodies the same inferential step. Previously, the difficulty in understanding NHST's general application has reduced to learning how this inferential step is tweaked across different experimental conditions-a technical task that can now by handled by Hypothesizen's AI.